Mansion Vice Stjepović Skočibuha in Sudurd on the island of Sipan



Country: Croatia
Island of Sipan (Elafit islands in the Dubrovnik archipelago)
Property Type:
Mansion - a protected monument
800 m2, 3,000 m2 plot
Viewing time:
on request


General :

The mansion is a protected monument in Croatia.
It is located in the Dubrovnik archipelago - Elafiti ( Elafiti Islands ) on the island of Sipan, Sudjuradj . Its area is 800 m2 , and the corresponding plot is 3000 m2
The mansion was built between the 1574th I 1588th years, and built by the largest shipbuilder and merchant Dubrovnik Vice Stjepović - Skočibuha . It is built in a unique Renaissance architecture and countryside Dubrovnik Renaissance architecture and is among the best-preserved villas on the Adriatic. As for the little object old Ragusa , the palace Vice Stjepović , almost everything is recorded , and the very books that may include information about the architect lost. Known only names bricklayers, masons , carpenter and those that are made
​​of brick and coupe, and as usual they were all local craftsmen .
This mansion had a special place in the Croatian art history . The Ministry of Culture declared the mansion a cultural monument .
Skočibuha mansion was restored to its original form .
Croatian tourist board recognized the enormous effort invested in the renovation of the complex was awarded 2003rd The " Blue Flower " and declared the mansion most original tourist offer on the Adriatic.

In the same year ( 2003). Opens mansion to the public, ie organized tours organized by leading local tourist agency and a summerhouse organize the tour , various lectures , conferences and weddings.
Also the 2003rd was awarded the accolade for the preservation of Croatian cultural heritage.
The mansion is currently used as a museum , which is not the obligation of the new owner . In summer daily group of guests come from near Dubrovnik on a tour that lasts approximately 35 minutes with a guide .
Ambient restaurant is serving nine months a year.

Description :
The complex consists of two summer , the older mansion built by the father of the family Tomo Skočibuha . Today, that land is called summer house , although Tomo Skočibuha actually built a large family house that was not too representative , but from today's perspective, it looks very attractive, surrounded by a rustic wall behind which rises tower erected as a defense and refuge in the event of a pirate attack.

Right next to the residence Tome Skočibuha his son Vice built a real mansion , turned him towards the sea , furnished terrace, a chapel and ORSAN , and includes numerous outbuildings and of course the tower . Chapel of the southern part of the family of the building was dedicated to St Thomas .

The complex is fully completed in the late 16th century included the family home , two towers on three floors ( to ward off pirates ) , garden with promenade rectangular church , lodge , mill , tanks in the home and in the tower , garage , pavilion on the terrace, bridge and fortified entrance.

Castle belongs to one hundred square meters of land outside the city walls and the front of the old mill that has been converted into a restaurant .
Inside the villa rooms are unchanged and enriched images Dubrovnik notables . (The other is a black kitchen that has not changed 450 years , Lodge for musicians in concert saloon , the only such not only in Croatia but also in Europe .)
What makes it special this summer , along with everything else , is the most ideal location in space , with its enclosed terrace is an ideal view of Gruz and surrounding villages and islands.
In fact , the most beautiful summer look is not one where the east and the main entrance gate ( mansion on the same upper floor has also , with two main entrances, south and west ) , but the west facade with double trjemovima the Gothic columns.

Templar :

Vice - Stjepović Skočibuha is , by all accounts , was a member or at least admirer of the Templar order. This is evidenced by a number of symbols that connect his family with the Templars - the church of St. Magdalene , to the characters in the cutlery or carved in many places in the castle

On the island of Sipan :
In Elafit Islands includes 14 islands , and of the 14 islands, only three inhabited islands , Lopud , Lopud and Sipan .

Sipan is the largest island of all Elafite island, with an area of 16.5 km ². The island has two villages , Šipanska Luka and Suðurað , which are linked by bus .

There are many old buildings :
- Church of the 11th and 14 century, where you can see various works of art ,
- Parts of the Monastery of the 14th century ,
- Castle of the 15th century ,
- St. Spirit,
- ST. John,
- Rector's Palace in Šipanska Luka .

In the 16th century , the area of these islands is becoming appealing to the nobility of the countryside , and on the islands of nobility . Only on the island of Sipan , an island of 16 square kilometers, there are 42 palaces, a reconstruction of the palace Skočibuha pioneering venture in restoring shine to these buildings .
In the summer months , all travel agencies have boat trips where guests visit and meet with Elafitis .
Elafit Islands are associated with the ferry , which runs from the ferry port every day.


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